Postal Repair Service

It may seem like it could cost a lot more bringing the phone to us rather than popping it in the post. You could well be right when you Mobile Phone Repair Postal Servicefactor in the cost of parking, petrol and anything else that you might be tempted to pick up whilst in the Harris Arcade.

So we have introduced a postal service and we have put together a list of hints before sending your phone to us –

Make sure your phone is wrapped well. Using a bubble wrap jiffy bag is the ideal solution. (tissue and all manner of things have also been used in the past)

Ensure that the lable reads well and we suggest writing in capitals as this way the postie will always get your phone to us safely.

Ensure you send the package recorded delivery as this option has insurance which will protect you when the device is in transportation. We will also send it back recorded as we can track and trace your phone using this service.

That should be all. Now all you need to do is contact us using this simple form to tell us that your phone is on its way and then package it up and send it to –

FAO – Repairs

7 Harris Arcade


We can usually turn the repair around on the same day and get it back to you the next day. If you have any questions give us a ring or text on 07856 552 551.